How To Craft The Evening News Afghan

How to Craft the Evening News Afghan

The �Evening News� Afghan is created in several ways, yet many are shades of semi-gray, light gray and mohair blends. Mohair is wool made of soft, silk and comes from the Angora goat. To start your Afghan you will need your finish, which should be around 47 inches by 70 inches. Next, you will need material.

How to choose material:
You will need smooth, wool cloth, which is closely woven without a nap, and made from tight twisted yarn. The wool should be made up of long-fibers of wool, which you can obtain from worsted cloth. Buy the cotton wool and 16 ounces of semi-gray shades. Buy another batch of heavy worsted mohair blends and 11 ounces of light colors of ash, i.e. gray. You will need 28 ounces of darker gray, preferably the sport-weight wool from alpaca. The wool is made from shaggy, long hairs of alpaca and can be a glossy cloth made of wool, cotton, rayon, etc. Use the wool, and purchase another sport-weight batch of machine washable wool. You will need 11 ounces of medium shades of gray. You will need 18 ounces of sport-weight dark gray wool and 14 ounces of �pearl gray.� Purchase another 4 ounces of gray worsted-wool (Weighty) and finally purchase a crochet E hook. The square gauge weight is 7 � inches, which you can match the hook.

How to get started:
To start use pattern stitches along with your yarn to create 54, 7 � inch squares. Start by working your borders of single crochet stitches on the squares before beginning to assemble your Afghan. You want the same square size heading in the same course. Now, we can do this a couple of ways, yet to save time it is best to learn a few tips on texture, color, bobble, chain, Chevron, etc.

Texture is achieved with stitches that work in the loops at the front or back. If you work your texture in this way only, you can make ridges easily. To achieve an uneven texture you can work the front and the back loops.

Color tip:
To start work a double crochet, triple, and/or a double triple using light shades of yarn. Row the yarn about the post at the front of your stitch and work darker shades of yarn to achieve a masterpiece. If you want to create a cheerful wavy pattern, use dark and pale shades and shape your pattern with a flow of tiny gentle waves and/or the V-shaped Chevron stitches.

How to start bobbling
To get started bobbling, keep the most recent loop of your stitches at the hook, and you are your stitches to a favorable level of the stitches into your following stitch. Next, perform the �Yarn over Yo,� crochet and bring it through each of your loops on your crochet hook. The steps will take you to the last stitch, which completes bobbling.

How to Chevron stitch:
Chevron stitches can be achieved in two rows. You will need a base, which adding two is ideal. In the first row skip two chains and double crochet into your following chain and double crochet each of the following three chains. Finish with three double crochets in the following three chains and the next three double crochets in your following chain. Repeat by working across and ending with another two double crochets in the ending chain, and then turn. In the second row, chain stitch three double crochets in the beginning stitch and another double in all of the following three stitches, followed by three collections over the following three stitches. Double crochet in all of your following stitches, double stitch another three in the following stitch, and repeat. Work across, and at the finish adding two double crochets at the top of your turning chain stitch, and turn again. Repeat the steps using row two as your guide to fashion your pattern. Learn more about the �Evening News� Afghan to complete your project.


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