How To Finish The Sample Square In Craft

How to Finish the Sample Square in Craft

To finish steps eight through 18, you will need to learn the steps one through seven. We encourage you to visit your local library to take out books to help you finish crafting an Afghan. In the meantime, I will walk you through steps eight and 18 so that you can move onto your borders in crafting your Afghan to complete your pattern.

How to sample square:
Now that you have gathered your materials, such as alpaca gray wools, etc, you can move to step eight. In row eight you will combine pale, blue-gray with medium gray, light gray, etc, from the materials you purchased, such as the worsted-mohair, and cotton. Once you gather your dark, and pale, blue-gray yarn use the diagonal spike stitch to work toward the following stitch, skip one stitch, and repeat the steps across, and to the finish working a double crochet into your previous stitch, turn, and then close tightly. In short, you perform the same steps as you would in the previous row.

Now you can move to row nine. In this row gather your medium grays and use the diagonal spike stitch to work in the direction of the following stitch. Skip one stitch, reiterate the steps, starting across, and to the finish working two double crochets into your previous double, turn, and then close tightly.

In row, ten add your pale, blue-gray and start the zigzag lozenge stitch. (In row one on the left side chain two stitches to join the initial half-double crochet, and half double into the following stitch. Skip one stitch, half double, chain one stitch into the following stitch and repeat the steps continuing to the previous two stitches, skip one stitch, work two half doubles into the previous stitch and turn. *Continue the zigzag steps as followed:

*In the second row, take up again the zigzag on the right side. Chain three stitches to finalize the beginning double crochet. Double crochet the first stitch and chain one time, and double crochet three clusters in the following space. Repeat your steps starting across, and to the finish working through the final space, adding one chain, two double crochets in clusters and at the crown of your turning chain, and then turn.

Moving to row three, chain stitch twice for your first half double. Skip the starting stitch and half double, one chain, and another half double followed by space and repeat your steps across, and to the finish, completing with a half double in your crown section of the turning chain, and then turn.

Row 4 you will chain stitch three times for your first double, skip the initial stitch and cluster three doubles in the following space. Chain another stitch across, and to the final, working a double crochet into the crown of your turning chain, and then turn: Moving to row, five add two chain stitches to the first half double. Half double another stitch into the first stitch, half-double, first chain, half double, and into the following space. Repeat your steps across, and to the finish working two, half doubles into the crown of your turning chain, and then turn. Complete your steps by repeating the second through five rows.

You have completed the zigzag lozenge stitching steps. Now you can move to the sample squares, which sums up eighteen rows. Once you complete the steps, you can move onto the borders, and finally finishing your Afghan. Once you finish however, you will need to edge the pattern to finally finishing your Afghan.

Continue to row eleven and combine your medium shades of gray, performing the zigzag lozenge stitch. Do the same in the 12th row. In the thirteenth row combine your medium grays, work the puff stitch, double crochet, working across, and then close tightly. Combine your lighter shades of gray in row fifteen and perform the zigzag, ending with the double crochet into the previous stitch, and then close tightly. Row 16: combine the medium shades of gray and perform the zigzag lozenge, finishing with a tight close. Row 17: Combine the pale, blue-gray yarn and stitch three chains into the first double, add three doubles into the following stitch, skip two stitches, and work across the three doubles to the finish, working into the double crochet at the last stitch. In row eighteen, chain two stitches to combine the half-double crochet. Half double crochet into the stitches across your pattern, and then close tightly.


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