How To Knot Stitch And More

How to Knot Stitch and More

When you start a knot stitch, you will need to avoid knot stitch the first square. Instead, start in the first row, chain stitching one time and single crocheting in the identical stitch. Draw up you loop to ¾ inches and Yarn over Yo through your loop on the crochet hook.

Next, intersperse your hook so that it is beneath your single back strand, Yarn over Yo and pull it through, Yarn over YO again and pull it through both your loops at the hook twice, and skip two stitches, single crochet in the following stitch, and repeat your steps across and to the finish, and turn. Complete your knot stitch on the second row. Chain stitch five in the first double crochet and another two chains in the next single across the middle knot of your starting loop. Chain two stitches, a single crochet in the middle knot of your following loop, continuing across, to the finish and chain two stitches a double crochet in the beginning chain of your preceding row. Repeat the steps outlined in the first row to complete your pattern.

NOTE: Chain stitching is sometimes called “Yarn over Yo.” SO when we mention Yarn over, begin chain stitches. From here on out however, I will refer to Yarn over as chain stitching.

One of the popular methods used in crocheting Afghans is the popcorn stitch. The stitch works your favorable number of stitches into the following stitch. Once you complete the steps pull up your loop into the following cluster stitch, and then drop the loop away from your crochet hook. Intersperse your hook into the beginning cluster stitch, and continue by plummeting, a loop, and drawing from side to side to the loop, completing your step with constricting.

How to puff stitch:
Experts in crocheting use the puff stitch to create patterns in completing the Afghan. To start keep your loops on your crochet hook and chain stitch followed by interspersing your hook in the identical stitch. Draw your loop up a few times and chain stitch through the nine loops on your crochet hook. Once you complete your steps move to the shell stitch.

How to shell:
You will need multiples of six, plus one to create a base. In the first row single, crochet into the second chain away from your crochet hook. Skip two chain stitches and five double crochet into the following chain, skip two more chains and single crochet the following chain stitch. Repeat your steps across, and then turn.

Moving to row, two add three chain stitches for your starting double crochet in the first stitch. Skip two double crochets and use the single crochet method to complete the following double. Skip two doubles, and work five doubles in the following single crochet, repeat the steps working across, and to the finish, working three doubles in the final single, skip your turning chain and turn. In row three-chain one stitch in the start stitch, skip two doubles, and work five doubles along the following double, skip two doubles and work a single into the following double. Repeat your steps across and to the finish adding a single in your turning chain stitch, and then turn. You have now completed your pattern.

Once you learn how to knot stitch, popcorn, puff, shell, you may want to learn how to V-stitch, zigzag lozenge stitch, sample square, border, and finally assemble your Afghan. The V-stitch is simple, so let’s get the step out of the way and move onto zigzag lozenge stitching.

How to V-stitch:
Skip your first stitch and two doubles, chain one, double two in your following stitch and repeat your steps across.


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