How To Measure Your Doll For Craft

How to Measure your Doll for Craft

If you intend to design a doll dress, you will need to measure your doll. To start you will need to measure the doll from the crown and down to the toes. If you have a baby doll, you will need to measure the chest region. Usually, the dolls have wider chests. The leg measurements should include the internal and external areas, especially if you are designing trousers.

If you are creating a bodice, you want to measure the doll, starting at the center front, and at the baseline of the neck. Continue measure to the waistline. If you are creating yokes you want to start measuring the front center and to the equidistant of the armholes from the back of the neck.

How to design longer dresses:
You may have a doll that requires a longer dress at the waistline. Use your measuring tape lengthening it so that it meets with the bodice region where the armholes meet the body region between the ribs and the hips.

How to design wrist and shoulders:
You can add additional length to dolls with bent arms. Merely use your measuring tape and begin measuring at the elbow. Measure the sleeve length also.

How to design skirts:
If you intend to design a skirt measure the doll, starting at the waistline and continuing to the hips. Make room for hemming. When measuring your pattern always verify the length with the body of your doll. If the skirt does not fit properly, you can add insertions, using lace to create sides or edges farther apart. Use your inclusion lace, begin stitching panels of your tucked region, and insert into the lace. If you are stitching yoke fashions, party dress, christen, etc, use your fabric length to its entirety. You can hem the skirt also. If the right angle does not require hemming, you can hand sew. You can use the edges of your lace to stretch the length to the desired measure. If you are stitching, the round skirts use your inclusion lace and stitch along the edges while turning up the smaller area of your fabric. Pull up your yarn at the top of the lace until the hem is fitted.

How to measure shorts, trousers, underwear, etc.
To measure trousers, shorts and under garments start at the area where the legs join with the body (Crotch) and continue up to the front center.

How to adjust underwear:
If the dolls panties are tight, slash the side downward and add to your pattern.

Sometimes sewers must adjust their patterns so that the doll dress fits. To adjust patterns you will need to shape the fabric so that it matches your dolls figure. If you are adjusting baby doll dresses leave space, since the chest region is often broader.

How to lengthen patterns for bodice:
When you need to lengthen the fabric to fit your bodice, verify the areas before you start lengthening. For instance, if the waistline demands added space review the area to match a fit.

How to design sleeves:
If you need a full opening, add breadth, as well as altitude. Starting at the top of your pattern, shape your sleeves by slashing downward and working to the edge, while spreading your design to the preferred pattern.

If you need to adjust the sleeves, start by slashing downward toward the center sleeve and continue. You will need paper to stack the sleeve parts. Starting at the center, measure the desired length and opening, measuring the area side by side. Make sure that your top opening is consistent with the edge of your sleeves. Now add your altitude.


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